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Making a Complaint

by dsaAdmin | December 3, 2018

It is important to us at Book My Assessment that you are happy and content with the services we supply. We do however acknowledge that from time to time our customers may be unhappy with the service or goods they have received.

We believe that it is always better to try to resolve an issue before it becomes a complaint.

We find that most issues can be settled informally by discussing it with a member of our management team. You can contact us on or call us on +44 (0) 2890 737292 to discuss your concerns. Where possible the informal process should be utilised before raising a formal complaint.

If you have raised something with us and feel that we have not addressed your issue, you can make a formal complaint. Here is the process to follow:

If a complaint cannot be settled informally with our management team, you should raise it formally.

Stage 1 Put your complaint in writing
You should put your complaint in writing and address it to Michael Humphreys who will arrange for your grievance to be heard.

Stage 2 Meeting
You will then be invited to a Meeting (this may be face-face, over the phone or web chat) to discuss your complaint. During this meeting you have the right to be accompanied. Following the meeting, the Complaints Officer will investigate and consider all the facts and notify you in writing of the decision as soon as possible.

Stage 3 Appeal
In the event that you feel your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved, you have the right to appeal against the decision. You must place your appeal in writing to the person named in the decision letter outlining your reasons for appeal, within three working days of the decision.

The Appeals Officer shall make arrangements to hear your appeal at an Appeal Hearing and you may again, if you wish, be accompanied. The Appeals Officer, will notify you in writing in respect of the decision of your appeal. This is the final stage of the internal procedure and the decision of the Appeals Officer shall be final.

In the unlikely situation that you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can raise the case with DSA-QAG, the Quality Assurance Group who monitor the provision of DSA Needs Assessments. Their details are:
Telephone: 0141 227 6771

If you have a complaint about your funding body (eg SFNI, Students Loans Company, NHS) or your Higher Education Provider, we advise that you contact them directly.

Student Loans Company:
Public Service Ombudsman for Wales:

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